Weight Gain Affecting Periods

Weight Gain Affecting PeriodsThe fat profit during her period of A woman is part of the symptoms while having syndrome, she encounters. Experts in the Milton S. Of the Penn State Hershey Medical Center say that Premenstrual syndrome impacts around 3 quarters of females, and symptoms may appear 5-11 days prior to their period. Other signs of Premenstrual syndrome include bloating, abdomen cramps, and irritability. Fat gain in a period is because of water retention in the tissues. Women can be alarmed period which can gain a few pounds, which vary from one Though it is not a condition. Others may gain up to ten pounds when they feel they’ve not done anything to maximize their weight.

Reasons For Weight Gain during Period – gain during the period has causes, including bloating or food craving water retention and drop in magnesium levels. Water retention. Gain during your period’s cause is water. Edema or water retention is affected by fluctuations in levels that occur during the period. Women frequently feel bloated, and it’s frequently experienced prior to the period and during menstruation. The reduction in levels is the cause, although changes in bowel motions may result in water retention. Bloating. Another symptom is bloating, which is associated with a rise in the volume of gas. Periods of inactivity around that the time of menstruation may also cause bloating.

can weight gain affect periodsMenstrual cramps are frequently associated with bloating, and these might be severe. Another common symptom is constipation, which may also result in a tingling sensation. Food cravings and overeating. Apart from water retention, real fat gain can be connected with a rise in food intake during one’s period. Food cravings and overeating in this time of the menstrual period are due to hormonal changes and a rise in levels of metabolism. Fortunately, food cravings and binge eating have been temporary and might disappear with that the end of that the period. Fall of magnesium levels. Prior to the beginning of your period, your serum calcium levels might drop.

This can lead to low insulin levels that increases sugar craving as the mind perceives a drop in sugar levels. This from turn leads to increased sugar consumption and an increase in weight. Treatment for Weight Gain in Period – fat gain in a woman’s period is frequently transient, however it can be a cause for concern specifically for all those who’re attempting to reduce their weight. Regulate Hormones. Hormonal fluctuation throughout the menstrual period may affect the levels of serotonin in the brain. Studies suggest that serotonin levels can affect depression and might result in increases in appetite during a menstrual cycle.