Become slim by staying away from your bad habits

Become slim by staying away from your bad habits


Everyone would like to stay fit and slim and would like to lose the extra fat of body. In that course people generally use to visit yoga centres to do yoga or use to visit gym. There people has to follow some rules like performing the exercise allotted for him or her daily basis as well as stay away from the foods which they are asked to quit. Not only the foods, also must addiction from smoking, drinking are to be refused.

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leave your bad habit to get slim

It is not easy for a chain smoker to stay away from his or her addiction; whenever they are asked to do so they feels something annoying, sometimes physical problems too they face due to their distance with cigarettes. If one performing yoga or exercising in gym to reduce weight but unable to stay away from cigars or cigarettes then it is not possible for him or her to get the desired result. This is highly recommended to stay away from cigarettes and alcohols if you wish to lose some amount of your body weights.

E cigarettes are the one and only the suitable alternatives to the real cigarettes as they offers no harm as compare to the real ones and are supported with battery and internal set up for functioning properly. Before each use you have to charge the battery of the e cig and if the battery is fully charged it can run up to six hours; inside an e cig there are chambers to fill with your favorable flavor as well as cartridges too.

There are several brands those use to offer electronic cigarettes with numerous flavors. These e cigs has a look similar to real ones and also at the front end there is a light button which glows whenever the flavour gets ready inside the e cig for inhalation. These e cigs are really helpful for people to stay away from real cigs; a consumer can control the nicotine level of these e cigs as per his or her wish. E cigs are famous in USA, UK, Canada, and Australia mainly.

Among the e cig brands Halo is regarded as one of the best brands as they are the founder of these products in the world market. Inside a halo e cig kit you will find two batteries, five filled cartomizers, one USB adaptor, one cartomizer case, storage tin, and a  manual. Halo e cigs are available with flavours like Shamrock, Café Mocha, Twisted Java, Longhorn, Mystic, Cringles Curse, Belgian Cocoa, Turkish Tobacco, Tribeca, Prime15, Torque 56, HX3, Captain Jack, Freedom Juice, Midnight Apple, Bella Valente, Tiki Juice, Malibu Menthol, Menthol ICE, CoolMist Menthol, Truepure Menthol, Fusion, and Smooth. Halo e cigs are available in two forms like two piece cig and three piece cig.

The three piece cig are preferred by the chain smokers or advance smokers whereas two piece cigs are preferred by the beginners. One could smoke these e cigs as these might help in weight loss techniques too.

Yoga Poses: Yoga for Legs

how to get fit legs

Yoga For Great Legs

Yoga Poses can help you get strong, flexible and toned body. It is known to reduce mental stress and have lot of other health benefits.

Here are some Yoga Poses for Legs:

Big Toe Pose (Padangusthasana):-

1. Stand straight with both feet about six inches apart and parallel to each other. Breathe out and bend forward from waist moving your head and torso at same time keeping your legs straight.

2. Hold the big toes of your feet using first finger and the middle finger of both hands. Try to keep your legs straight during the entire process.

3. Breath in and slowly lift your torso until your elbows get straight. Hold the position for as long as you can.

4. Slowly raise your body and let you body relax. Repeat these “Yoga Poses” on order to get great legs.

Urdhva Prasarita Padasana:-

1. Lie down on the mat with the straight back and legs. Keep your arms straight on either sides of torso with palms facing down.

2. Slowly inhale and raise your legs up from the floor, without raising head or shoulders, until your legs make about 70 degree angle with the ground. Do not bend your knees during entire process.

3. Hold the position as long as possible and then release your legs slowly and hold them 2 inches above the ground.

4. Raise your legs again and repeat the entire Yoga Poses again.

Virbhadrasana (Warrior Pose):- These “Yoga Poses” helps you strengthen your calves and thighs.

1. Stand straight on the floor with both feet about shoulder width apart.

2. While standing, turn the right foot 45 degree outwards and while inhaling, raise both of your arms sideways until they get parallel to the round.

3. Be steady and turn your left foot 90 degree left side; bend your left knee until your right thigh get parallel to the ground. Your knee should not pass your toe.

4. Maintain your body balance and hold the position for some time. Breathe gradually and bring your arms down together and get to initial position. Repeat the entire process again.

Watch this video with Yoga Poses for Legs:

Utkatasana (Chair Pose):-

1. Stand straight with both feet about 2 – 3 inches apart.

2. Slowly and steadily inhale and raise both arms straight up your head with both palms facing each other.

3. keeping your spine straight bend both your knees and keep your body into the position of sitting on a chair. You can stop little before your thighs get parallel to the floor.

4. Do not allow your knees pass your toes and keep your head straight. Hold the position for about a minute or as long as possible.

5. Breath gradually and evenly and then release your arms. Bring them down to the initial position and relax. You can repeat these Yoga Poses for Legs.

Utthita Hasta Padangustasana (Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose):-

1. Stand straight with both hands on the sides of the body. Transfer your body weight onto the right foot and bend your right knee and raise it upwards close to your belly.

2. Hold the outer portion of your left foot with left hand by reaching the left arm through inside of your thigh crossing the ankle.

3. Inhale and slowly extend your right leg straightening your knee as far as possible and then swing it outwards.

4. Keep your body properly balanced and hold the position for as long as possible. Slowly bend the knee again and bring your leg down to the ground.

5. Repeat the entire “Yoga Poses” with other leg.

Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose):-

1. Sit down with straight back. Extend your legs straight in front of you.

2. Bend your knees and drag your heels towards your pelvis. Drop your both knees outwards while keeping both your soles joint and facing each other. Drag your heels as close as possible to your pelvis.

3. Grab the big toe of your feet with thumb, first finger and middle finger.

4. Breath evenly while keeping your back straight. Do not force your knees to touch the ground.

5. Hold the position for about 3 – 5 minutes and then slowly release your toes. Gradually straighten your legs and relax your body.

All these Yoga Poses can helps to tone your legs and achieve great shape.

Plyometrics Exercises: Burn Fat with Plyometrics Workout

fat burning plyometric exercises , fat burning workouts for women

Plyometrics Workout

Plyometrics Exercises are ultimate way to blast body fat. This is new advanced breed of cardio and is a fast and effective way to Lose Weight. As per fitness experts, you can burn about 350 calories with 30 minutes of Plyometrics Workout. Above all, you do not need any equipment for these workouts.

Why Plyometrics Exercises?

“Polymetrices”, in a way, not only modifies your workout but it makes your workout more challenging by adding more intensity to the moves.

This workout pattern ensures better joint stability by enhancing neuromuscular proprioception.

It increases overall body strength, your muscles get stronger and you feel some alternative energy coming into play every time you do your regular strength trainings or cardio on any other daily physical job.

Above all, Plyometrics Workout helps you burn lots and lots of calories helping you reduce weight quicker than other workouts.

Burn Fat with these Plyometrics Workout

Squat Jumps :- This exercise burns lots of calories as it is really intense workout. It strengthens your legs and lower body muscles.

1. Stand in front of a step with straight back and your feet about feet width apart.

2. Bend your knees and get your hips down until your thighs get parallel to the ground. Do not allow your knees go past your toes.

3. Pushing your heels, jump onto the step with both feet landing together and flat on the step with your body in the squat position.

4. Step down back to your starting position and repeat the process again.

Sumo Jumps :- This Plyometrics Workout works on your thighs, calves and lower body muscles.

1. Stand straight with both feet little wider than your shoulders width. Bend your knees and get down into the squats position.

2. Hold both hands together and keep your arms straight such that both hands come right at top center of both legs.

3. Pushing your heels, jump up with full power and raise your arms up straight with hands still held together.

4. Land down on your feet getting into the squat position. Repeat the process for about 10 – 15 times.

Check out these video for more Plyometrics Exercises

Straddle Jumps :- This form of “Plyometrics Exercises” is perfect for strengthening your lower body.

1. Stand straight with both your feet on the either side of low step. Get down into the squat position with straight back and knees behind the toes.

2. Putting pressure on your heels, explode off the ground and place both feet on the step flat at same time ending in the semi squat position.

3. Get down the step and again follow the same process.

Lunge Jumps :- This is workout another intense workout that tones your legs and hips.

1. Stand straight with both feet about your hip width apart. Take your right foot forward at place it at a step distance in from your rear foot.

2. Lower your body to get into lunges position with your front high parallel to the ground. Do not allow your rear knee to touch the ground.

3. Jump off the ground with full strength and switch legs in air bringing your rear leg in front and front to rear landing back in the lunges position.

4. Again jump off and repeat this entire “Plyometrics Workout” again.

Plank Jacks :-

1. Lie down on the ground with your face towards the floor. Keep your body straight.

2. Pick your body on your elbows and toes with both elbows about shoulder width apart. Hold both hands together in front and rest your forearms on the ground.

3. Keeping your body and back straight and abs tucked in jump up off your toes and spread your legs wider in air before your toes land on the ground.

4. Again jump off and bring both feet together in air so that you end up as in starting position. Repeat the entire process again.

There several other Plyometrics Workout out there but all the above mentioned Plyometrics Exercises are more than enough to serve the purpose.

How to Lose Back Fat

ways to lose your back fat , workout routines to lose back fat

Exercises Lose Your Back Fat

Most women wonder How to Lose Back Fat. Back fats or Bra Bulge are the excess body fats that get accumulated on your back giving bad shape to your shoulders and upper back. You can get rid of your back fat by doing these exercises.

Here are some Exercises for Back Fat:

Negative Chin-ups :-

1. Hold the chin-up bar by stepping up on the stepper. Grasp the bar with the palm facing towards you and both at about shoulder width apart.

2. Ask your partner or trainer to remove the stepper under your feet. Hang your body from the bar and bend your knees cross foot one over other.

3. Pull your body up until the bar touches your upper chest or chin. Hold the position for a second and release your body slowly until your arms get straight.

4. Again lift your body up and repeat the entire process for about 6 times or as much as you can. This exercise helps a lot in the process to Lose Back Fat

Watch video with Exercises for Back Fat

One-Arm Row using dumbbell :-
This exercise is excellent and is a real mean answer for the question: How to Lose Back Fat.
1. Take a flat bench and place your right knee on the top of the bench. Kneel forward and place the right hand on the left edge of the bench such that your torso gets parallel to the floor.

2. Grasp a dumbbell in your right hand hanging right down the shoulders.

3. Keeping your abs tight, raise the dumbbell up by bending your elbow until the dumbbell gets in line with your torso.

4. Release the dumbbell slowly until your arm gets straight. Repeat the process for about 18 times. Right motion and execution of the exercise helps you Lose Back Fat fast

Inverted Row :-
This is very best among all Exercises for Back Fat
1. Take a bench and place it under the fixed rod on a rack. Lie down with straight back and your feet properly landed on the floor.

2. Grasp the bar with both hands at about shoulder width apart. Keeping your body straight, lift your body up until your chest come close under the bar. Ask your partner or trainer to remove the bench under.

3. Release your body and let it come down until your arms get straight. Keep your body straight from your knees to head.

4. Again lift your body up until your chest get under the bar. Repeat the entire process again as many times as you can.

Upper Back Roll :-

1. Place a foam roller on the mat and lie down on it with your bra line directly upon the roller.

2. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Hold both your hands under your head to support it in air and elbows pointing outward.

3. Raise your hips and lower body up and hold the position for a second. Then release body slowly to come back to initial position. Allow your upper body to roll a little over the roller from bra lines to upper shoulders. Repeat the process again for about 15 times. This is great Exercises for Back Fat as it targets lower back

Rear Lateral Raise :-

1. Stand with both feet about 10 inches apart and bend forward at hips up to the point your torso get near about parallel to the ground. Bend your knees slightly and push your butts back.

2. Hold the dumbbells in both hands with palm facing each other. Hold then in front and let them hang from your shoulders.

3. Keeping your torso stable, raise both dumbbells simultaneously sidewise keeping arms straight until they get in line with your body.

4. Hold for a second and slowly release the dumbbells to get them down to initial position. Repeat the entire process about 10 – 12 times.

Band Rows :-

1. Sit in front of the cable pulley and hold the handle with both hands. Pull the handles towards yourself applying the force of your elbows.

2. keeping your abs tight continue pulling and take your elbows as back as possible. Try to keep your back as straight as possible.

3. Release the handle and get back to the initial position. Again pull the cable and repeat the entire process 15 to 20 times.

At last, balanced diet contributes at lot in getting rid of back fat along with above mentioned Exercises for Back Fat.

Best Exercises for Buttocks

How to make your buttocks look bigger, Workout to get round buttocks

Best Buttocks Exercises For Women

Many women do tough Buttocks Exercises to get nice round shaped butts that they usually see in magazines or movies. Getting right buttock shape depends on your physical workout, diet and your genetics or body type.

Here are some of the Best Exercise for Buttocks:

Squats:Squats is one of the basic and most essential Exercise for Butts in order to grow and tone your hips and thighs. Along with toning your butt, it also builds strength in these muscles.


1. Stand straight with your feet about hip width apart. You can hold weights in both hands to increase the intensity of the workout.

2. Keeping your back straight, bend your knees and let your thighs come down to get into the position of sitting on the chair. Do not allow your knees to go beyond your feet and keep your head straight and your hips pushed backwards.

3. Hold the position for a second and then applying pressure on heels; raise yourself up to the standing position. Repeat the process again. You can do anywhere about 10 – 15 repetitions in each set and 2 – 3 sets are enough to “tone your butt”.

Check out the video for Best Exercise for Buttocks

Lunges: This is another Exercise for Buttocks and involves most of your lower body muscles at one time. There are different variants of this “Workout for Butts” and so, can be done in different ways. The most common form of lunges is static lunges.

Execution :-

1. Stand with straight back holding weights in both hands on both sides of body.

2. Take a step forward with your right foot about three feet away in front of left foot.

3. Keeping your back straight, bend your knees and lower your body until your left knee is about 5 – 6 inches above the ground. Don’t allow your front knee to come forward out from your right foot. Your right lower leg below knee point should be perpendicular to the floor.

4. Hold the position for a second and then push your body up by putting pressure on your front heel to get back to the starting position.

5. You can do anything between 2 – 4 sets with 10 – 16 repetitions in each set.

As per fitness experts, this is one of the very Best Exercise for Buttocks.

Step-ups: This Buttocks Exercise is great for glutes.


1. Place a stepper on the floor and hold weights in both hands. Choose that stepper such that your thighs should be parallel to the ground when you place your foot on it.

2. Place right foot on the stepper and push your body up by applying pressure on the heel. Do not place any weight on the left leg as you place the left toe on the stepper.

3. Get your left foot back to the ground slowly. Switch the foot and repeat the process again.

One-Legged Deadlifts: This exercise is an intense exercise and works perfectly on your hamstrings, your butts as well as the lower back muscles. This exercise forces your body muscles to balance your body weight stimulating your stabilizer muscles.

Execution :-

1. Hold a barbell with both hands in front of thighs and stand on your right foot with your left foot slightly behind the right foot and just resting on the toe with about on weight on it.

2. Bend your upper body from the waist allowing the barbell to go down hanging in your hands and slowly raise your left foot simultaneously until your body gets about parallel to the ground.

3. Applying pressure on the glutes of the left leg, pull your body up to the initial position.

4. Repeat the about 10 – 15 times and then switch legs.

Plie: This Exercise for Buttocks helps to tone your thighs and butts.

Execution :-

1. Stand with both feet little wider than your shoulder width. Keep your toes pointing outside and arms at both sides of body.

2. Contract your glutes and tuck in the tailbone.

3. Lower down your body to get into the position of pile squat. Do not allow your knees to get outside of your toes and raise arms up to your shoulder level at the same time.

4. Hold the position for few seconds and then get back to the same position again. Repeat about 20 – 25 times.

Other than this balanced diet is the necessary in order to get full benefits from these Best Exercise for Buttocks.

Getting Six Pack Abs: Flat Belly Exercises

Six Pack Abs Diet For Women, How To Get Flat Belly

Six Pack Abs

Getting Six Pack Abs or Flat Belly is dream of nearly all adult females and males as well. Every one of us wants to have flat “six pack abs”. People go to gym and do several tough workouts for some days, but most of them fail to achieve the goal.

In order to get Six Packs, you need to do follow these two things:

1. Change your eating habits.

2. Follow a proper Six pack Abs Workout.

Diet pattern:

In order to achieve your goal, you first need to get rid of the fat in your body.

For achieving this:

1. Change your high calories food with low calories nutritional food. Avoid the fried food, junk foods and all other food that are high in saturated fats. The reason is that you need your body to burn the extra fats that are present in your body rather than supplying it from outside. Our body requires energy moving the muscles or doing any physical job. This energy is obtained by burning of calories inside the body. When we provide low calories – low fat food to the body, the body will burn the stored fats in order to get energy for the functioning. Green leafy vegetables are ideal low calories high fiber foods that help a lot in the process. High amount of fiber ensures that your stomach stays filled for long time and you do not feel hungry. Green vegetables are excellent source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required by the body. This change alone will help you getting Six Pack Abs Fast

2. Get your diet chart designed by your physical trainer or expert and then replace your foods one at a time. This is very important because if you tend to change your diet at once, your body may not immediately adapt this huge change. Give some time to your body to get it familiar with your new diet. Changing one at a time will help your body adapt to new routine without any stress on your system.

3. Remember, not all fats are bad fats and body needs some amount of good fats for optimal functioning. Good fats are the fats obtained from nuts, olives, almonds etc. These saturated fats provided long term consistent flow of energy upon breaking down and so helps in getting Flat Belly.

4. Carry out fruits with you when you get out of home for longer time. Fruits are high in fibers and low in calories. They also have lot of antioxidant properties in them. Due to high amount of dietary fiber, fruits are ideal for Getting Six Pack Abs. Caring fruits will help you prevent eating any other high calories or junk food when you feel hungry.

5. Drink lot of water throughout the day. As per studies, a person should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily in order to stay fit. Water has great filling properties so it makes you feel full and prevent you from eating. It also helps you to drain out waste toxic material from the body. So, adequate supply of water is very important. It keeps your muscles healthy and hydrated. Water actually helps a lot in getting Flat Belly

6. Eat 5 to 6 small meals over the day other than 3 heavy meals. Eating small meals ensures that your body metabolic system stays busy without feeling much pressure.

Watch video for foods for Getting Six Pack Abs Fast.

Exercises for getting Six Pack Abs:

Any exercise that builds muscles and strength burns lots of calories. Muscles in the body are the ultimate fat burning machines. So, building up muscles strength will help you lot in losing extra fats in the body. Here are some effective Flat Belly Exercises:

1. Crunches: This exercise is great and well know exercise to build Six Pack Abs Fast. Lie down on a mat on the floor with arms crossed in front of your chest. Bend your knees and bring your feet little towards your hips.

Putting pressure on your abdominal muscles, pick your shoulders towards your knees. Remember, always use your abs muscles to lift your shoulder and do not lift your entire body. Do this work out slowly without swinging your body.

Hold for a second at the top position. Then release your body slowly down and inhale. Repeat the process.

Check out the video for Best Flat Belly Exercises.

2. Sit ups: Lie down on a mat with knees bent and arms crossed in front of your chest. Ask your training partner or trainer to hold your knees and feet.

Then lift your body and lower back about an inch up the ground. Using abdominal muscles lift your shoulders and body towards your knees and touch your knees with your chin or bring it just close to the knees.

Hold the position for a second and then slowly release the body back up to the initial point i.e. an inch above the ground. Repeat the process again.

3. Leg lifts: This exercise puts a lot of pressure on your abs and is great for getting Flat Belly.

Lie down in a mat with straight back and both hands beside your body.

Keeping your legs straight, lift them above the ground until they becomes perpendicular to the ground. You need to keep your knees straight during the process.

Hold a second at the top point and then lowly release them down and hold them an inch above the ground.

Hold for a second and then again lift them up until they get perpendicular. Repeat the entire process.

4. Static holds :- Get down on a mat in a push-up position with all your body weight on your toes and palms.

Bend your elbows and get your upper body on your forearms. Keep your body straight from feet to head. Hold the position as long as possible.

Along with proper exercise, your body needs proper rest. So, take at least 8 hour of sleep daily. Try to stay away from tensions and depression.

Following above stated tactics, if followed seriously, can lead you to your goal of getting Six Pack Abs Fast.

Best Way to Measure Body Fat

best way to measure body fat

Measure Your Body Fat

There are different Ways to Measure Body Fat percentage. The key point is how accurately you can Calculate Your Body Fat using different methods.

Select your Best Way to Measure Body Fat:

Caliper: In this method we use a skin fold caliper to measure the body fat percentage. Fold your skin with your fingers and pull it little outwards. Then, use a caliper to measure the thickness of the body fat. The reading that you get on the caliper is compared with the values given in a chart corresponding to particular reading depending on the age and gender of the person. The scale gives the reading in millimeters. There are many different kind of caliper measurements. Some calipers take one measurement and others may take up to 7 measurements. Calculations obtained by calipers are accurate and dependable. Negative aspect of using caliper is that you need to remember the same spot every time you need to take measurement otherwise there will be variations in the measurement. If you are 35+ pounds overweight, then caliper measurement cannot be accurate or skin with so many fats cannot fit inside caliper. So, this may not be good idea to Measure Your Body Fat using this method if you are much overweight.

Anthropometric: This method to calculate our body fat involves taking measurement of circumference of waist, neck and height of a male to measure the body fat percentage. In case of a female, circumference of neck, hip and height is required. Some calculators are available online, all you need is the measurements using a measuring tape. This is easy to administer and is really inexpensive as all you need to buy is a measurement tape. Accuracy of this measurement method is questionable as the body fat is not measured directly.

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA): This measurement works on the principle of electric impedance. Opposition offered to the flow of current through body is measured. Water content inside the muscle is lot higher than in case of fats so muscles are more conductive than fats. Impedance is then calculated along with weight as well as height metrics. All these values lead to the calculation of fat percentage in the body on BIA scale. The main advantage of this scale is that they are inexpensive and that it is really easy to administer them. Since water level in the body is the main factor in calculating fats with this scale, so results can vary depending upon the hydration level of the body. Also, accuracy is questionable in Way to Measure body Fat.

Check out the video to learn to “Measure Your Body Fat”

Hydrostatic Weighing: This method to “measure your body fat” is considered as most accurate method in which subject is submerged in a special kind of water tank. The principle is that muscles and bones in the body are denser than water. So, person having larger amount of lean mass of fat free muscles in the body will weight greater in water. So, the fat percentage would be calculated as less. On the other hand, person having high amount fat in the body will weigh less in water as excess fats will make the body lighter in water. So, calculation will show more body fat percentage. The process of measurement takes about half an hour to complete and is expensive. But this measurement technique is very accurate with only +-5% error. So, it is simply the “Best Way to Measure Body Fat”.

Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry Scan (DEXA) :- DEXA is another Body Fat Measurement technique that is setting gold standard at the time. The process divides the body into three compartment model: Body minerals, Fat-free mass and total body fat tissue mass. You can get the detailed information about the deposition and distribution of fats in different parts of body with great precision. This technique to Measure Your Body Fat is also very expensive as you may have to spend about 250 – 270$ for a single test.

With the new development is science, new more accurate techniques are being introduced for getting various measurements in the human system. Science is still improving and searching the Best Way to Measure Body Fat.

Winter Foods: Top Vegetables for Winter

winter season food

Best Winter Foods

Choosing right Vegetables for Winter can be little confusing sometimes with the availability of so many vegetable over the year.

Here are some Winter Foods you can choose:

Squash: This vegetable is rich in vitamin C and A. It contains beta-carotene which helps in improving body metabolism and prevents heart disease and some cancers. There are some varieties of squash like butternut squash, spaghetti squashes and acorn which contain different sugar levels. So you should select one with the correct sugar level as one of your “winter foods”.

Sweet Potato: These are rich in vitamin A, dietary fibers and also contain potassium and C. These contain an enzyme that transforms nearly all of the starches in them into sugar and potato grows and even stored and cooked. Sweet potatoes can be used in a variety of dishes and so it is good option among Vegetables for Winter season.

Pomegranates: Pomegranates are a very good source of antioxidants and you can consume them as juice or in raw form. As per studies, Pomegranates juice is good for heart health. It can help in proper flow of blood to heart in case of people suffering with myocardial ischemia. Seeds of pomegranate contains high amount of polyphenols that fights inflammation. So, it is, without any doubt, best to choose among other Winter Foods.

Brussels Sprouts: Brussels sprouts contain antioxidants like indoles, isothiocyanates, lutein ,thiocyanates, sulforaphane and zeaxanthin which protect our body from severals cancers and free radicals. They are rich in dietary fibers and are low in calories. It contains diindolylmethane which works as anti-viral, anti-bacterial and a good immune modulator. Brussels sprouts also contain vitamin K which promotes bone health. So, brussels can be ideal option to be added to your list Vegetables For Winter

Apples: Apples are very good source of vitamin C, dietary fibers and are low in calories. They contain antioxidants that prevent body from various diseases. Apples also help to reduce the risk of cancers in the body. Apples are rich source of soluble fibers that helps in controlling the blood sugar level and thus reduces the risk of diabetes. It also helps in reducing the cholesterol level in body and is good for heart health. Since apple is rich in fiber, it helps you to reduce or control your body weight. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” makes it ideal choice among Winter Foods

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is a very rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A and fibers. It increases the metabolic rate of the body. It contains bioflavonoid that lowers the risk of cancers protects body from various diseases and can help in maintaining good body weight. They are rich in phyto nutrient, lycopene, which acts as antioxidant and prevent free radicals from damaging body cells.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin is another great vegi among Vegetables for Winter and is storehouse of nutrition as it contains iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and niacin. It also contains good amount of natural sugar in it. It contains high amount of fiber as 1 cup of cooked Pumpkin gives 3 gram of fiber. Vitamin A contained in Pumpkin helps to keep your eyes healthy and promotes bone strength. It boosts up our immune system and Vitamin k acts as heart protector.

Watch video with Vegetables for Winter season

Cabbage: Cabbage is a rich source of Vitamin A, B6, C, and K and is high in fibers. It also contains calcium, potassium, manganese and a compound the stabilizes the level of insulin in the body. Since Cabbage contains fewer calories and is high in fibers, so it also helps in weight loss. It can be consumed in raw form or can be cooked. You may chop it and add some to your salad. Cabbage soup is also very good for health. As per some studies, cabbage is also helpful in curing some cancers and also prevents body from cardiovascular diseases. Cabbage is known to assist weight loss. So, it is ideal alternate to added to your Winter Foods list.

Mushrooms :- Mushroom is another highly nutritious food that contains high value of iron, zinc, vitamin C and potassium. These also contains decent amount of proteins with no cholesterol. They help to build up strong immune system.

Chestnuts : Chestnuts are another healthy Winter Foods that contains Vitamin B, C, folate, copper, potassium and manganese. They are high in fiber and helps lower the blood cholesterol. They help in strengthening the joints, kidney and also help in improving the blood circulation in the body. As compared to all other nuts, Chestnuts contains lowest amount of fats and is low in calories.

At last, there may be several vegetables choices present in you locality but the above listed Vegetables For Winter are simply the best healthy choice.

Children Obesity : Causes of Obesity in Children

causes of obesity in children

Obesity in Children

Children Obesity is a major social problem and there are multiple Causes of Obesity in Children. It is a major reason of concern among all ages. Latest studies reveal that children between 6-12 years age are more vulnerable to obesity. “Obesity in Children” leads to several health problems.

Term BMI (Body Mass Index) is used determine whether a person is overweight or obese. This is the ratio between a person’s weight to height respective to their age or gender. A person who is overweight have BMI value between 25.0-29.0 and person with BMI value over 30.0 is obese. This index is not applicable in case of children below 2 years age.

Causes of Obesity in Children:

The major reason behind Obesity in Childhood is high calories inappropriate diet. In modern day life, there is trend of fast foods in homes as well as outside. These foods are unhealthy and contains high amount of saturated fats. Children like these foods and even parents encourage children to eat these quickly available foods. Children spend most of their time in front of computers playing games or watching TV. This leads to reduction in the physical activity. Lack of physical activities and increased consumption of the unhealthy food leads to deposition of fats under the skin. This leads to Children Obesity.

Among major Causes of Obesity in Children, eating in front of TV screen is major one. Children develop the habit of eating while they are watching TV. This leads to excessive consumption or over eating of food without getting into their own notice. These extra calories consumed leads to Obesity in Children. Busy classes and limited athletic activities in the school contribute to the children obesity. Other than eating habits, “child obesity” can be hereditary. Parents who are obese are more likely to have Obese Children. Studies shows that if one of the parent is suffering with obesity then there is three times greater chances of the child being obese. If both the parents are obese then there are 10 times greater chances of child being obese.

Some medical conditions may also be responsible for person being overweight. Some medicines affect the hormonal changes in the body that dramatically increase the body weight. Diseases like Thyroid, tumors, polycystic ovary disease and mental retardation are also “causes of obesity in children” up to some extent.

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Effects of Obesity in Children:

There are many consequences or side effects of obesity. Broadly we can classify them into Physical, economical and mental consequences.

Every child reacts differently to their emotions. Some children tend to eat more when they are stressed in an attempt to deal with their mental situation. These psychological factors are also responsible for Children Obesity up to certain point.

Obese person is at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This happens due to organ resistance to insulin. Females suffering from obesity may face menstrual irregularities. Overweight or obesity may lead to infertility to infertility among females.

Obesity can lead to heart attack and stroke. This happens due to narrowing of arteries due to deposition of fat inside the arteries. This puts extra pressure on heart which may lead to heart attack.

Obesity may lead to problem called sleep arena. Obese Children may face the problem or irregular sleep over night due to irregular breathing or stopping breathing during sleeping for small time interval. This happens due to squeezing of the lungs due to the weight of the fats deposited on the walls of the chest. This leads to irregular sleep as well as snoring problem among Obese Children.

Obesity leads to the problems like joint pain or orthopedic issues like bowed legs. These problems increase with increase in the age.

Obesity in Children not only hurts you physically but it also hurts you economically. Obese people are more prone to diseases so they visit the doctors and medical offices more frequently raising your medical expenditures.

Obese children usually face the taunts from their classmates. This leads to lowering of self esteem among them. Due to their physical appearance, they sometimes face problems in doing some physical activities which further leads to lowering of their self confidence.

Depression is another consequence of Obesity in Children. Some people use to eat more in this particular mental state.

At last, all the parents can keep their children away from Children Obesity by keeping the above mentioned Causes of Obesity in Children in mind.

Obesity : Negative Effects of Obesity

negative effects of obesity

Negative Effects of Obesity

Major Negative Effects of Obesity includes physical health problems as well as loss of self confidence of a person. The major cause of obesity is our modern day lifestyle. Lack of physical activities and availability of availability of every resource online while sitting at home have major contribution in the obesity factor. Professionals and employees are so busy in building up their carrier that they do not have time even to look where their tummy is going. OBESITY is good in no ways and can cause major health problems.

Some Negative Effects of Obesity:

1. Effects of Obesity on blood pressure: Additional fat tissues developed in a person needs proper regular supply of oxygen and the nutrients to stay alive. These nutrients and oxygen is carried by blood stream through arteries in the body. With the rise in the number of fat tissue in the body and requires more blood to be circulated through the blood vessels to these fat tissues. This makes your heart work hard as heart needs to pump more and more blood through vessels and puts more pressure on the walls of the arteries. This increases the heart rate and raises the blood pressure of the body.

2. Diabetes: “Obesity” leads to diabetes. Insulin is the hormone that is generated inside the body. Insulin regulates the blood sugar level. Obesity leads to irregular and irregular generation of insulin that raises the blood sugar level and causes diabetes.

3. Heart disease: Obese people are more prone to heart problems. Obese people are 10 times more prone to Atherosclerosis than the normal people. Diseases like Coronary artery disease are found among obese people. This leads to narrowing the blood path in arteries due to deposition of fats in them. This leads to reduction of blood flow from body parts to heart. It can lead to pain in chest or strokes and even heart attacks.

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4. Osteoarthritis and joint pain :- Other Negative Effects of Obesity includes pain in the joints line knees, hips and back. Since Obesity increases the weight of the body, so there is always a stress on these joints due to extra body weight. So, obese people may feel continuous pain in their joints and sometimes finds it difficult to get up or rise up their body.

5. Respiratory problems: Obese people often complain about improper sleeping throughout the night. This happens due to the presence of extra fat weight added to the walls of the chest squeezes the lungs and restricts the body from proper and complete breathing. This stops the obese person from breathing for small periods of times and so it interrupts sleep over the night. This is called as sleep arena and also leads the problems like snoring and feeling lazy and sleepy throughout the day.

6. Cancer: Obesity can be more dangerous in case of women. Women who are overweight are more likely to get affected by cancers like gallbladder, uterus, colon and breast cancer. Obese males are more prone to diseases like colon and prostate cancers.

7. Studies shows that females who are overweight or obese have lower chances of getting pregnant as compared to the females having normal body weight. When obese women becomes pregnant, there are more likely to face problems like increase in the rate of hypertensive disease, infections and are more at risk of gestational diabetes. Obesity may lead to respiratory complications among women. Even children born to the obese mothers have twice more risk of congenital heart defects and other birth defects. They may grow obese during their childhood.

So, in order to stay healthy, you must maintain good body weight. If you are overweight, consult fitness trainer. Get your daily diet pattern designed by the professional and follow a good workout routine. Remember, healthy body leads to healthy mind and happy life.

So, always take healthy diet to avoid above mentioned Negative Effects of Obesity.